The depth and experience to meet your needs, and the insights to exceed them.

Not only do we develop and operate the world’s leading hotel brands, we own them. This allows us to see the industry from every vantage point, providing unique insight for our partners, and a better bottom line.

Operations Management
Investor Services
Operations Management

Operations Management

We operate your property like it’s our own. We are a partner for all aspects of hotel operations. Our approach is based on over 20 years of hands-on results, and the expertise of being owners ourselves. Our experience throughout the hotel lifecycle allows us to create a positive effect on guest experience and the bottom line.


The Raines Operations team is committed to operational excellence and the satisfaction of our partners. Our experienced professionals review all properties through a performance improvement lense; performing:

  • a complete financial performance analysis
  • department by department and team performance review
  • evaluate management effectiveness
  • guest relations and guest satisfaction analysis

Findings are used to deliver a plan on maximizing operational efficiency and profitability, while ensuring we achieve the highest levels of guest satisfaction and property quality.

Sales & Marketing

The Raines sales and marketing team is results driven, striving to exceed top line revenue and market share goals. Our team is trained from day one to be best in class leaders that have an edge over the competition through:

  • customized Sales and Marketing Plans with revenue enhancing strategies
  • direct sales deployment and established relationships, local, regional and national
  • brand maximization
  • memberships and affiliations
  • ongoing training programs and informational webinars

Our approach ensures the sales and marketing team executes strategies that provide long-term success for each individual hotel.


Raines understands the importance of making informed financial decisions and implementing sound accounting practices. The Raines’ staff of accounting professionals proves an array of accounting services including:

  • Monthly financial statement preparation
  • Analysis of operating variances
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Payroll services
  • Accounts receivable/payable management

Additionally, we provide day-to-day support to the operations team and guidance in the annual planning process.

Human Resources

The Raines Human Resources team provides a full complement of HR services including:

  • talent acquisition
  • training and development
  • compensation & benefit strategy and implementation
  • HRIS platform strategy and operations
  • employee relations and compliance

Most notably, our HR team is the architect and champion of our culture, imparting our core values and employee-centered focus consistently across our many brands.

Revenue Management

The Revenue Management team will partner with the hotel management, sales and marketing teams to develop a strategy to maximize profitability for each of our hotels. Leveraging market data and industry leading business intelligence tools RM delivers critical insights such as:

  • hotel performance vs competitors, vs overall market
  • pricing strategy and performance
  • market trends and emerging market opportunities
  • revenue projections

Our goal is to match the guest with the right room at the right price. Then, the Operations team can deliver a seamless experience.

Digital Marketing & E-commerce

We believe that guest satisfaction begins with a prominent, high-quality online presence and the Raines team will curate a comprehensive digital marketing and e-commerce plan to meet the unique needs of each property, including:

  • meta search engines
  • social channels
  • organic search sites, and more

The data-driven strategies developed by our digital marketing team will attract and engage visitors and ultimately drive sales to the hotel.



Our expertise is anything but standard. From the ability to develop the world’s leading hotel brands to successful historic adaptive reuse, we are a trusted partner for all successful projects. We continue to add services to meet specific client needs, such as the ability to execute both construction management and renovations in-house and the creation of our Woven division to meet the needs of unique properties.

These are the types of projects we focus on:

  • Ground Up Development
  • Hotel Renovations
  • Adaptive reuse and historic rehabilitation projects
  • Misc. office/retail components

Below are all of the services we offer, all of which can be tailored to the needs of your specific project:

Land Procurement & Negotiation

  • Negotiate land contract and earnest money

Due Diligence

  • Will serve letters
  • Water, sewer, stormwater
  • Geotechnical
  • Surveying
  • DOT/traffic
  • Civil Engineering – Site Layout
  • Architecture – Schematics/Footprint
  • Planning/Zoning Approval

Brand Development and Franchise Coordination

  • Request Brand application
  • Compile all Star report data and financial pro forma
  • Order and review project feasibility study and appraisal
  • Submit completed Franchise Application

Legal and Financing

  • Develop, maintain, and update project budget
  • Oversee partnership docs & entity formation
  • Interview and evaluate bank commitments
  • Negotiate final bank commitment
  • Maintain all project books and accounting
  • Oversee all bank closing checklist items
  • Oversee and procure all insurance services
  • Oversee all equity goals are met
  • Oversee & coordinate execution of all franchise documents


  • Civil design oversight
  • Architecture design oversight
  • Interior Design & procurement selection/management
  • General contractor selection
  • General contractor and architect VE design
  • Preliminary pricing review
  • Civil design permit process
  • Utility provider coordination


  • Daily coordination with General Contractor/Architect/Engineering
  • Review construction schedule
  • Review request for change orders
  • Review all pay request
  • Resolve design conflicts
  • Coordinate brand site visits and requirements
  • Coordinate all non-GC contractors
  • Coordinate final certificate of occupancy

Procurement and Operations

  • Coordinate all FF&E procurement and installation
  • Procure and oversee all 3rd party vendors & subcontractors
  • Hire all hotel management and operating staff
  • Coordinate all employee training
  • Coordinate all hotel Brand opening requirements and activities
  • Coordinate opening of the hotel with all licensing and state agencies
Investor Services

Investor Services

When we partner with an owner, we form a true partnership. With that focus in mind, we are never more than a phone call away. Whether you need performance updates, operational reviews, budget reports, or simply want to discuss a potential project, rest assured that we are here for your every need.

Investment Management

Raines has partnered with IMS (Investment Management Services) to enhance our investor experience. Each investor has access to this software that improves transparency and investor relations with tailored project information in regard to your individual investments including:

  • Document control
  • Distribution calculations
  • Reporting

Asset Management

Hotels combine the complexity of real estate ownership with an operating business. Raines provides seasoned professionals with objective experience-based strategies to maximize ownership performance

  • Experts providing constant analysis and direction
  • Analyzing market disrupters and changes in real estate


Raines Hospitality develops owner exit strategies to optimize investment returns throughout the transaction process.

  • Broker selection analysis
  • Strategy and Sell/Hold analysis
  • Seller closing diligence and transaction management


Raines develops acquisition strategy to coincide with owner financial objectives.

  • Asset due diligence
  • Asset capital strategy
  • Investment analysis
  • Brand selection/repositioning strategy and contract negotiation

Capital Strategies

Raines designs debt and equity plans for owner hotel projects and oversees all aspects of debt/equity transactions.

  • Assessment of capital structures to optimize owner goals
  • Oversight and analysis of capital provider selection
  • Owner representation in transaction process
  • PIP negotiation and administration