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Understanding and Catering to the Needs of Bleisure Travelers  

Article by Dan Paola, VP of Operations, Raines • May 30th, 2023 

Gone are the days when business and leisure were seen as mutually exclusive concepts. Today, more and more people are blending the two, and this trend has a name: "bleisure." The "bleisure" guest, who combines business travel with leisure activities, is becoming increasingly common in the hospitality industry. As a result, hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments are adapting to meet the needs and expectations of this new type of guest. In this blog post, we'll explore the "bleisure" trend, strategies to cater to this type of guest, and how it's shaping the future of hospitality. 

What is “Bleisure” travel and why it’s becoming a trend in hospitality.  

Bleisure travel is a rapidly growing trend where business travelers extend their stay to include a leisure component. For example, someone who travels for work might add a weekend getaway or an extra day to their trip to explore the local area. The reasons for bleisure travel are varied, but many people see it as a way to make the most of their trip and enjoy some downtime after a busy work schedule.  

The emergence of new technology and the ability to work from home has allowed these types of travelers to take advantage of the flights and accommodations partially paid for while giving them the opportunity to spend on experiences, food and drink, and other amenities. For those travelers seeking a little adventure alongside their business commitments, bleisure provides an attractive option that is increasingly being embraced by the hospitality industry.  In fact, a recent study found that 60% of business travelers have taken bleisure trips in the last year. 

Understanding the needs of Bleisure travelers and how to best cater to them. 

The "bleisure" guest has different expectations than the traditional business or leisure traveler. They want to enjoy both work and play, and they look for accommodations that meet both needs. Hotels can offer meeting rooms, executive lounges, in-room smart lighting, and mobile charging stations to cater to their business needs. At the same time, alternative lounges, rooftop bars, spas, enhanced gym areas, pool services, and other experiential services can also be included to attract leisure travelers, promoting relaxation, activity, or wellness.  

Strategies for Accommodating and Incentivizing Bleisure Guests. 

To impress bleisure travelers, hotels can go the extra mile by creating personalized packages that showcase the best of the local area. This might include excursions to nearby shopping centers, dining hotspots, or golf courses or events in the area such as concerts, sporting games, or theatre shows tailored to their interests and preferences. By partnering with local establishments, hotels can also offer seamless access to popular experiences, making guests' stays that much more convenient and fulfilling. 

Easier transportation to tourist hubs can also provide the bleisure travelers with the convenience of making the most of their stay. For example, a hotel may provide shuttle services to popular sites or work with ride share companies to offer discounts that encourage bleisure travelers to spend extra time in the city. 

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The Benefits of Bleisure Travel for Hospitality 

Bleisure travel isn't just beneficial for travelers; it can also be a boon for hospitality establishments. By attracting "bleisure" guests, hotels and resorts can increase occupancy rates and boost revenue. And because "bleisure" guests tend to stay longer than traditional business travelers and spend more money on leisure activities, they can be a lucrative segment for the hospitality industry. By catering to the needs of "bleisure" travelers, hotels can create repeat business and build loyalty among this growing demographic. 

The Future of Bleisure Travel and What it Means for Hospitality Industry Professionals 

As the "bleisure" trend continues to grow, hospitality establishments need to adapt to meet the evolving needs and expectations of their guests. This means investing in technology, providing a range of leisure amenities, and offering special packages and deals for "bleisure" travelers. Hotels and resorts that do not adapt may find themselves falling behind their competitors. By embracing the "bleisure" trend, the hospitality industry can improve the guest experience and create a more profitable future. 


The "bleisure" guest is here to stay, and hospitality establishments need to adapt to meet their needs. By combining business and leisure travel, "bleisure" guests have different expectations than traditional travelers. Hotels and resorts that can provide the best of both worlds will reap the benefits of increased occupancy, revenue, and guest loyalty. By investing in technology, amenities, and services that cater to "bleisure" travelers, the hospitality industry can thrive in a changing landscape. So whether you're an employee, investor, or potential owner in the hospitality industry, it's time to start thinking about how you can cater to the "bleisure" trend.